Albania pins hopes on tourism industry

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(Travel Gazette) A NEW strategy for the Development of Tourism in Albania has been presented, outlining ambitious plans to make revenue from the holiday-sector one of the key-drivers of the economy.

The strategy, presented by Tourism Minister Blendi Klosi, will be discussed with stakeholders, local government representatives and tour operators, according to IBNA.

The tourism sector is traditionally a notable source of income, particularly during the summer months, but also more recently during the winter months as well, due to an increase in popularity of snow sports such as skiing.

“In 2018, we’re expecting to see a 15 to 20% growth in the number of tourists. It would be good if this 15% of 2018 to be higher than the figures that we have, but the figures that we have make it impossible for tourism to turn into a driving force. However, we are determined to transform tourism into a real driving force for the country’s economy”, the minister said.

Tourism in Albania is constantly developing. It is characterized by its rich archaeological and cultural heritage dating back to the classical period when Illyrians and Greeks inhabited the region.

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