Bulgarian tourists grow 59.5 pct in Q4

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More than one million Bulgarians traveled for the purpose of tourism in the fourth quarter of 2017, up 59.5 percent year-on-year, the country’s National Statistical Institute (NSI) said Tuesday.

The majority of Bulgarian tourists, 85.2 percent, traveled within the country, 11.1 percent traveled abroad, and 3.7 percent traveled both at home and abroad, the NSI said.

The survey, which covers people aged 15 and older, showed that more than half of trips within the country were to visit relatives, followed by leisure and professional purposes.

Meanwhile, leisure was the main reason why Bulgarians traveled abroad, followed by visiting relatives and business.

The average spending per person for a private trip was 128 U.S. dollars in the country and 340 dollars abroad.

At the same time, the average expenditure per person on business trips was 96 dollars for domestic trips and 608 dollars abroad, according to the NSI.

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