Heavy snowfall cuts off villages in Algeria

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(Travel Gazette) Several villages and provincial roads in the northern part of Algeria are cut off to traffic following heavy snowfall that characterized this North African nation all along the weekend.

Pictures posted on social media platforms show dozens of families spending Sunday overnight in their cars, after being trapped by heavy snowfalls in the national road No. 1 in the upper hills Medea province.

The national road No. 1 is the most important road in Algeria, as it links the north of the country to the south, and used by hundreds of thousands of cars every day.

Young people adhered in different civil society associations rushed to bring help to the trapped people, as they distributed hot meals to them.

Combined efforts of army troops and fire-fighting units intervened, as they used their tracks to clear out the roads from snow for hundreds of cars who were trapped for long hours in several areas, and also to help providing food and provision to most isolated villages.

Forecast warned that severe weather patterns accompanied by heavy rain and snow will continue sweeping across northern Algeria in the coming days.

Weather officials called upon citizens to stay warm as temperature would be pushed to below zero in some areas.

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