Middle East aviation sector lags behind global growth

The price of oil (Brent) reached over 71 U.S. dollars per barrel (159 liters) at the end of January which marked a first since December 2014.

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Middle East carriers’ traffic increased in 2017 by 6.6 percent and lagged behind global growth of 7.6 percent, said the global civil aviation authority International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The Middle East region registered the slowest growth among all regions, and was the only region that saw a slowdown in annual growth compared to 2016, said the report.

“The region’s share of global traffic (9.5 percent) fell for the first time in 20 years.”

Within the Middle East, the market segment of airlines to and from North America has experienced the hardest time due to factors including the temporary ban on large portable electronic devices (PED) in the aircraft cabin as well as the proposed U.S. travel bans on some countries in the region, added the civil aviation body.


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