Myanmar’s new Hanthawaddy International Airport makes progress

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Myanmar’s new Hanthawaddy International Airport project, being implemented as a national project in the country’s central Bago region, some 76.8 km north-east of Yangon, is in progress.

Upon completion, the airport will represent the fourth and largest of its kind in Myanmar after Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw’s and is expected to become a major gateway for international airlines to use and operate their businesses.

Fencing along the airport project has now been 65 percent completed after negotiating with land owners to pave way for the construction, a project engineer of the

Department of Civil Aviation of Myanmar said, expecting it will be finalized by March, the end of current financial year 2017-18.

Meanwhile, the Bago regional government will also work out a compensation plan for squatters living in the project area to move out.

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