Probe underway into Russian jet crash, plane came down ‘almost instantly’

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(Travel Gazette) AVIATION investigators are trying to piece together why a commercial jetliner crashed just minutes after leaving Moscow on Sunday, killing 71 people onboard.

Experts will look at if weather conditions, human error or technical failure could be the possible causes of the crash.

Local media report the catastrophe happened almost instantly –  the pilots did not having time to send a distress signal.

Gazeta.RU  also reported that the plane was not de-iced before departure.

The Saratov Airlines jet was en route to Orsk in the Ural Mountains when it came down in Argunovo, about 80km south-east of the capital Moscow.

Hundreds of rescuers and forensic investigators are continuing to work where the plane crashed. Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov said that the collection of wreckage and victims may take up to seven days.

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