Several airlines avoid eastern Mediterranean flight paths

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – Kuwait Airways has suspended all flights to Beirut, Lebanon, amid the U.S. threat to attack Syria.

The Kuwaiti national carrier stopped all flights bound for Lebanon on the basis of serious security warnings.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued an alert on Wednesday, warning pilots about the risks of flying, specifically in the eastern Mediterranean and in the Nicosia flight region.

The warnings about civil aviation in the region were issued following U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to launch a missile attack on Syria over the alleged chemical attack by Syrian government troops in the Douma district.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Airlines said it was diverting its flights from/to Europe away from the Black Sea area, which could be under influence of the rising tension in Syria.

The re-routed flights included those from Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City to Paris/Frankfurt/London and vice versa.

A representative of the airline said although the current air routes are far away from the fighting region, Vietnam Airlines decided to adjust the flying routes to ensure safety for passengers.

The carrier will closely monitor the situation and devise suitable flying routes in the coming time.

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