Mauricio Macri “very satisfied” with progress made in G20

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Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Sunday said he was “very satisfied” with the progress made in G20 meetings during Argentina’s presidency.

Macri made his remarks during the Third G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Buenos Aires. Argentina assumed the one-year G20 presidency in November 2017.

“We have already passed the half-way point of our G20 presidency with more than 50 pre-summit meetings. The Argentine government is very satisfied with the progress made (in the meetings),” Macri said.

He highlighted the importance of these meetings, suggesting they were “fundamental steps” for the development of bilateral agendas among G20 members.

“They encourage everyone to continue working to achieve concrete results that reflect the efficiency of G20 and its relevancy with the world we live,” he said.

The Argentine leader also stated that his country would overcome the economic “turbulence” in the last few weeks in which the peso devalued almost 36 percent against the U.S. dollar.

“We will navigate these troubled waters and maintain our course,” he said, predicting economic expansion in 2019.

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