Norwegian “micro helicopter” crash kills one

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One person was killed and another was slightly injured on Saturday when a Norwegian “micro helicopter” crashed in Kilpisjarvi in northern Finland, public broadcaster NRK reported.

“This kind of helicopter is a so-called gyrocopter. The helicopter is Norwegian and has space for a pilot and one passenger,” the Norwegian Rescue Service wrote on Twitter.

According to the Norwegian Rescue Service, its division in northern Norway collaborated with the Finnish rescue station and two Norwegian ambulance helicopters arrived on site as the rescue service was communicating with the person on board over bad connection.

The weather was stable and with no rain, and the cause of accident is still unknown, the report said.

“There were two Norwegians who most likely had been on trip from A to B in Norway and then entered the border with Finland, where they crashed,” Oyvind Aadde, a rescue leader of the Norwegian Rescue Service, told news agency NTB.

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