Sweden: Risk of forest fires ‘reached extremely high levels’ – gov’t

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Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency announced that the risk of forest fires has reached extremely high levels with the only hope to reduce it depending on weather change.

The Swedish Television SVT reported on Monday that the risk for forest fires in Sweden during this week is the highest possible as the temperature is expected to rise to 31 degrees Celsius.

According to the SVT report, this kind of temperatures is double to what the fire department usually evaluates as high fire risk.

The authorities say the situation is extremely serious, and even a small spark can quickly spread with serious consequences.

“These types of fires are incredibly difficult to extinguish. Our only hope in stopping these fires is a change in weather,” fires chief Peter Arnevall told SVT.

Sweden has suffered from raging forest for over a week now with four critical and out of control forest fires ongoing. Across the country, forest fires are burning in 25 locations.

Some of the biggest fires can be seen in satellite pictures taken by the European Space Agency, and damages are estimated to reach over 900 million SEK (102 million U.S. dollars).

Sweden has received help from several European countries as helicopters, airplanes and firefighters have arrived to help in extinguishing the raging fires. (1 U.S. dollar = 8.85 SEK)

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