Biggest manhunt in Danish history

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The police operation that closed all traffic between Sweden and Denmark on Friday afternoon is described as the biggest manhunt in Danish history, the Swedish Television SVT reported on Saturday.

“For 41 years I worked on the most serious cases of crime, like terrorism, and I have never seen such a big operation as the one that took place on Friday,” said Hans Jorgen Bonnichsen, a former operative chief of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, to Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR.

On Friday afternoon, the Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark was closed from all traffic for several hours. Even train and ferry traffic was cut off in both directions by the request of the Danish police.

The police said they were looking for a Swedish car and three persons who are involved in serious crimes. On Saturday, the Danish police said that they thought that the car was related to a crime that the Danish Security and Intelligence Service has been investigating.

“The Danish Security and Intelligence Service are working on a case in which people’s lives have been threatened”, said Jorgen Bergen Skov from the Danish police at a press conference quoted by SVT.

According to him, the police later came to the conclusion that the wanted car had nothing to do with the case of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service although it is involved in other serious crimes.

The operation and the criminal cases it concerned did not cause a threat to the public.

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