Ferry hits small yacht in Cowes Harbour

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Britain’s HM Coastguard confirmed that nobody is in the water or missing in Cowes Harbour on Isle of Wight after a ferry hit small yachts Sunday morning.

In a previous statement, the HM Coastguard said that the Red Falcon Ferry collided with at least two yachts while trying to berth at the entrance of Cowes Harbour during heavy fog, and the ferry with 56 persons onboard ran aground at the entrance at Cowes.

But the operator of the ferry, Red Funnel, was quoted by BBC as saying that the Red Falcon “came into contact” with a number of boats while trying to berth at Cowes Harbour. And the operator said that there are 40 passengers onboard the ferry, and no injuries were reported.

The latest update from the HM Coastguard said that the ferry, with assistance of tugs, has been refloated and is now in the process of going alongside in East Cowes where MCA surveyors will make an assessment, and all passengers “remain safe and well and will disembark when the vessel is safely alongside”.

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