Bases police in Cyprus foil illegal entry attempt

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CYPRUS – The Sovereign Base Area Police in Dhekelia have confirmed that two men have been remanded in custody after being arrested last night near the Ayios Nikolaos crossing point for Illegal entry and attempting to facilitate illegal entry.

Police officials revealed that a 50-year-old Turkish mainlander was arrested for facilitation and a 22 year old Iranian male was also being remanded in custody for attempting to enter the SBAs illegally.

The SBA Police have dedicated an enormous amount of time to ongoing operations preventing illegal entry and according to Chief Superintendent Jon Ward, the Divisional Commander for the Eastern Sovereign Base Area, these latest arrests send out a strong warning.

Speaking this afternoon, he said: “Last night’s arrests demonstrate the continued effort and determination of the SBA’s to prevent and deter illegal entry into the bases.

“We will continue to patrol the boundary to ensure the message is clear that illegal crossing will not be tolerated and we will take robust action on individuals who are found doing so.”

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