Trip Tips – Paris with quick links to attractions

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Travel Gazette – Paris has a lot to offer, from wonderful food to amazing art, and many parts of it are absolutely breathtaking.

Cabs in Paris are extremely expensive, so buy a metro pass for the length of your stay.

Ask the conductor which stop to get off on to see certain sights, to save yourself unnecessary hassle.

Paris is known as The City of Lights, and it is astounding at night.

Take a river cruise down the Seine River after dark, and see some of landmarks  illuminated.

During the day, go to the Arc of Triumph.

It is structurally magnificent, and the carvings are astounding. If you pay the small fee to go up to the top, you will not be disappointed – you can see almost the entire city from up there!

Visit the Louvre Museum, and get a guidebook in English.

Some of the most astounding art collected on Earth resides in the Louvre, much more than its main attraction, the Mona Lisa.

Traveling through the entire museum in one day is impossible, so plan a return trip, or figure out which exhibits you most want to see from your guidebook.

The hours the museum is open are limited, so make sure to check them before you head over.

For a splendid sight, go into Notre Dame, the old French cathedral.

If you’d like to see the height of French luxury throughout history, take the metro to Versailles.

If you’re going in a time of good weather, view the palace gardens, where the most proposals are made in all of Paris!

When you’re ready for a bite to eat, head to the Latin Quarter, because it is full of restaurants offering cuisine from any section of the world you can imagine.

Don’t be afraid of street vendors selling crepes – they’re safe to eat, and to die for!

Before you leave, take a walk through the heart of Paris, where everything from the bridges to the buildings are architectural masterpieces that will leave you dreaming of your return trip for years.

The official site of the Paris Tourist office is here.

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