Trip Tips: Rome, where history and modernity collide.

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Travel Gazette – The city of Rome is a place where history and modernity collide.

It is a remarkable location, and if you’ve not visited before, there is little you can do to prepare for its grandeur. This is a city where upmarket boutiques sit effortlessly beside 2,000 year old ruins.

As far as European cities go, there are few that can rival Rome for experience.

There is an attraction around every corner, something to marvel at down every street. We’ve all heard of the mighty Coliseum, but do you know about the Palazzo Altemps, a 15th century villa housing some of the most valuable antiquities in Italy?

For most, the Coliseum is the main draw, and the Pantheon is something to be stumbled upon, but it simply takes the breath away.

There is nothing to compare with an evening spent taking in the atmosphere of the Piazza della Rotunda, whilst the sun sets, and street performers serenade the crowds.

In Rome, life doesn’t stop after dark. The shops stay open, and the streets are packed with energy.

Whilst it’s true that Rome can be pricey, you only have to slip down a side street or get lost in a new part of town to find budget cafes, restaurants, and bars.

The trick is to follow the locals – eat where they eat, drink where they drink – and you can guarantee that you’re getting the best.

There’s so much to do that it’s impossible to list everything, but it’s worth noting that a ticket for four of the most revered museum sites can be bought for under £5.

The Coliseum ticket also comes with access to the Roman Forum, and there is a wealth of stuff to do and see for free.

In Rome, there really is something for everyone.

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