Pakistan will offer e-visa to 175 countries and regions

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Pakistan will offer e-visa to 175 countries and regions, and on-arrival visa to tourists from 55 countries and regions, to tap the potential of the country’s tourism sector.

Pakistan is a heaven for tourism, and to welcome more tourists in the country, the government has reviewed its visa policies, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry told a press briefing.

He said Pakistan has a huge potential in adventure tourism in its northern mountainous terrain as well as religious tourism, beach tourism, cities and food tourism, adding that all relevant departments are working together to welcome more foreigners to the country on the suggestion of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said the term of diplomatic visa has been increased to three years from the earlier term of one year, adding that the term of student visa category will also be increased to two and four years. Earlier, foreign students studying in Pakistan had to renew their visa every year.

That long-term and short-term visas will be provided to foreign journalists visiting Pakistan, Chaudhry added.

The minister, however, did not reveal names of the countries or regions for which the visa process has been relaxed.

He said that such massive reforms in visa policy are the first of their kind in the country’s 70-year history, and hoped that the new policy will help increase foreign investment and improve its ties with other countries.

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