Austria see rise in congress tourism

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Austria’s national capital Vienna saw a boom in congress tourism in 2018 with records set for both congress visitor numbers and total value added, officials revealed at a press conference here on Monday.

According to the Austria Press Agency, Vienna finance councillor Peter Hanke presented the figures showing that 4,685 congresses and company events were held in the city last year, an increase of 15 percent over the year prior.

About 631,000 people took part in these events, a 3-percent increase, and they were responsible for over 1.9 million overnight stays at hotels and other forms of lodging, also a 3-percent increase.

This means that one in eight overnight stays for the year resulted from congress tourism.

It was also noted that congress visitors spent an average of 541 euros (607 U.S. dollars) per day, as compared to other visitors to Vienna who spent an average 266 euros (298 U.S. dollars) per day.

Tax earnings resulting from the congresses were also up, the total of 332 million euros (373 million U.S. dollars) marking a 3-percent increase, while the value added from the meetings totaled a record 1.2 billion euros (1.35 billion U.S. dollars), also a 3-percent increase over 2017.

Vienna Tourist Board director Norbert Kettner was elated with the result, describing the city as not being in a “regional league, but in the Champion’s League,” in competition with the likes of London, Paris, Brussels and Barcelona.

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