Bouteflika’s exit could spell end for old guard in Algeria

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The much anticipated resignation of Algeria’s veteran president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has been greeted by boisterous celebrations by protesters who spent weeks calling for his departure. But, it is becoming clear that his exit from office may not yet signify the end of the Algerian discontent.

“I am very happy, it’s a historical moment, although it’s not enough at the moment – we are asking for a bit more,” Abdel Mounham Hourier, a protester told the BBC World Service.

“Actually with Bouteflika’s resignation we didn’t get rid of the whole system,” he added. “What we are asking for is new faces, a new government with free elections.”

Now, an effort is underway to rid the government of personalities that have stalked the corridors of power for decades. Under current system, Algeria faces a 90-day transition period until a vote for president is held.

“It will happen, we will see some new faces,” Abdel Mounham Hourier added.

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