Mumbai airport resumes operations on primary runway

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Photograph copyright © Travel Gazette.
Photograph copyright © Travel Gazette.

Mumbai airport’s primary runway re-commenced its normal operation from Friday evening after an aircraft had overshot its mark and got stuck on Tuesday night, a press release by the airport said, Friday.

The aircraft, which was stuck in the mud at the end of the runway following incessant rains in Mumbai, was removed from the runway on Thursday night.

A total of 160 workers were involved day and night for over 90 hours through incessant rains to create pathways to pull the aircraft onto firm ground after it was lifted from the mud, the release said.

The airport had to cancel over 300 flights and several flights had to diverted to nearby airports since the disruption on Tuesday, airport sources said.

Mumbai international airport services 40 million passengers and one million tons of cargo annually and is the second busiest airport in the country following New Delhi.

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