Over 300 stalkers detained in Chernobyl exclusion zone in 2019

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Over 300 stalkers have been detained by police officers around the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) this year, UNN news agency reported on Tuesday, citing data released by the Kiev regional police department.

The police informed that 323 illegal tourists including 70 foreigners entered the exclusion zone bypassing checkpoints since the beginning of 2019.

Earlier it was reported that a record number of tourists amounting to 74,700 people visited Chernobyl exclusion zone in the first eight months of this year.

The Chernobyl NPP, some 110 km north of Kiev, witnessed one of the worst nuclear accidents in human history on April 26, 1986. After the disaster, a large tract of land around the plant was designated as a forbidden zone and ordinary people were completely prohibited from entering it for decades.

As radiation levels decreased, the 30-square-km area around the plant was officially opened to tourists in 2010. Guided tours to the plant were launched in 2018.

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