43rd Travel Expo opens in Budapest

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The 43rd edition of Hungary’s main tourism fair Travel Expo opened its doors here on Thursday with 250 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions.

Gabor Ganczer, chief executive officer (CEO) of main organizer Hungexpo Inc., said at the opening that “The guest of honor of the Expo for this year is Italy.”

“Hungarians can learn a lot from Italian tourism professionals,” he added.

Gergely Karacsony, mayor of Budapest, noted: “Travel is the best investment, as it will surely make everyone richer, and traveling can make us more open and teach us a great many things.”

He also acknowledged that mass tourism in many cities has become unbearable for those living there and needed to be addressed. “Competition is intensifying in the tourism market and quality can be a competitive advantage,” he noted.

Between Feb. 27 and March 14, Travel Expo expects some 40,000 visitors, and also includes a career expo called CheckINN for those seeking to find jobs in the tourism industry.

As usual, the expo includes a Boat Show and stage events, such as an improvisational theater show and a program dedicated to the Hungarian National Castle and Palace Programs, which showcase 34 monuments under revitalization.

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