Belgium to impose lockdown as it reinforces anti-coronavirus measures

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Photograph artwork copyright © Travel Gazette.
Photograph artwork copyright © Travel Gazette.

Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes announced on Tuesday that citizens are required to stay at home from Wednesday to April 5 as the country reinforces measures to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Wilmes announced this at a press conference after a meeting of the National Security Council. She said citizens are required to stay at home, except for travels deemed essential, like going to pharmacies, banks and supermarkets.

Outdoor activity is allowed and recommended with a friend or family member.

Companies, whatever their size, are obliged to organize teleworking whenever possible. Respect for social distancing is required. Companies that cannot respect these rules will have to close down.

Travel outside Belgium that is not considered indispensable will be prohibited until April 5.

The prime minister said that failure to comply with these measures could result in administrative fines. The measures will be monitored by the police.

Belgium has recorded a total of 1,243 COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, according to authorities.

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