Two detained after driving vehicle into Barcelona airport terminal

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Two people were arrested on Friday morning after driving their vehicle into Terminal One at Barcelona’s El Prat airport, the Catalan regional authority has confirmed.

The Chief of the Catalan police, Eduard Sallent, explained that the two people, both of whom showed signs of having taken drugs, drove their vehicle into the terminal through a pedestrian access route and made their way into a restricted area, shouting “Allahu Akbar (God is great).

The pair were detained by police inside the airport before they were able to harm anyone. Explosive experts were quickly able to determine that the vehicle the pair used did not contain any explosives.

One of the two people arrested was taken to hospital as a result of the drugs he had taken, while the other remains in custody. Police have not ruled out terrorism as a motive for the incident, although the investigation remains open and neither of the pair has a criminal record.

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